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My great grandmother's (Johanna Johansdotter's) belongings at her death (to my American relatives)

The national archives has made it free to study their scanned posts, so it is possible to learn a lot that was difficult to know before.

My great-grandmother (my mothers - mothers - mother) died about two weeks after have given birth to her ninth surviving child in august 1895, she was only 39 years at that time. Your grandmother Amanda Eriksson (Bergman) was only about 13 years of age at that time. About three months after her death they did write up everything in the household (called "bouppteckning") and the idea was probably to ensure that the kids heritage should not be lost.

The text in the document was spelled a bit awkward for present day Swedish, as the language had a typical influence from Finnish where some consonant were spoken differently. Typical changes was that d -> t and that b -> p.

Here follows a list about what was written down as belongings in the household: (and here is a link to the scanned document).


Cash 100 kr
Cash in the bank in Luleå 500 kr

Some belongings I couldn't read but that were of silver.
1 copper pan
2 copper coffepots

Iron things
4 axes
1 waffle-iron
1 iron (for making cloth flat)
1 iron to press cloth
1 handle (of some sort that I don't understand)
2 hand saw
25 foot iron ? (something)
1 black-smith workshop with belongings
4 iron bars
5 skythe
1 sewing machine (a quite expensive item at least)
1 iron pan
1 pair of weights (they had a sort of shop)
4 ... drills
2 steelyard (that is a sort of thing to weight stuff with)
2 rasps and 1 rough rasp
1 turning handle and drills
2 skillets

2 lamps
1 milk jug
1 mug
10 plates
2 coffee tras
1 deep dish
another deep dish
1 sugarbowl
1 alarm clock
1 butter box

tree items
1 milk cup
2 tables
3 pull beds (beds that were like sofas during daytime and where you slept like in a box with some of your siblings)
1 butter chum
8 painted milk bowls
10 white painted bowls
3 milk bowls
3 chairs
2 hay chairs (chairs with a sort of a box where the seat was a lid and you kept hay in them to put in your shoes during winter ... a very efficient way to keep warm)

4 sheepskin pelts
15 head pillows
2 bolsters
6 sheepskin clothes
2 reindeer reins
2 quilts
2 sheets
2 towels
2 mirrors
2 spinnig wheels
1 suit case

drive gears
2 sledges with something loose??
2 (I think it is something to put on the horse so he could pull) it is reins and such at least
2 wagon skis (I guess it is)

1 horse
1 mare creature
5 cow creature
1 heifer
1 ox
1 calf
8 sheep
2 pig
2 female reindeer

Everything was worth about 1300 kr

And they had borrowed 1300 kr to others, thus they owned 2600 kr. That was a fairly decent sum at that time.

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